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My name is Cynthia, and I am the designer, silversmith, and one-woman show behind Cynthia W Jewelry.

I was born and raised in Lima-Peru, but Utah has been my home for the past fifteen years.


Since I was a little girl, I’ve been surrounded by art. I graduated with a BFA in interior design, but I was constantly in search of creative outlets and doubled as a sculptor, Illustrator, and beaded jewelry until I fell in love with the art of Silversmithing and it was the final encounter with what I feel is my creative destiny.


My creations are whimsical, inspired by the flora and fauna, the subtle imperfections in nature, and the memories of my beautiful Peru. They are made almost entirely from scratch using sterling and fine silver, and most of the stones I use are ethically sourced.

I believe in a mindful process, In a slow and unique work that allows my two hands to forge, engrave and carve. I believe in true craftsmanship. 


It is my hope that the jewelry I create is filled with my heart and soul and that among the collection of items in my store, you will find something that connects with you.

Much love,


CWJ designs are handcrafted in my workshop in Utah with love, care and the finest materials.
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