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These ornament like earrings are inspired by my love for nature and creatures during the snowy winter.

I started by drawing the smallest deer silhuettes to created a negative design.  Small pine needle carvings and beautiful green Kyanite complete this design.

Carving is a long process but is my favorite part because it's what makes them unique. No molds or castings, just old fashioned carving. 

These earrings are made out of 950 sterling silver and have been oxidized to make all the details pop, buffed for a soft satin finish and made with lots of love, heart and attention to detail.

When wearing these earrings you are not just wearing jewelry, you are wearing art.


These earrings are approximately 2 1/4" from ear wires.



Deer Ornaments - Kyanite Silver Earrings

  • All designs are hand-crafted, slow-made in small batches. Because of this, no two pieces are alike and as all handmade items some may have natural imperfections.

    This slight imperfections are marks that will remid you that each piece was made by real hands, remember that as I hand-carve, engrave and forge each leaf, flower and creature I give character to each design and I like to think perhaps a little bit of soul.


    Thank you!

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