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This scenic necklace or how I like to call it "Multi-charms" necklace, features a little hand-carved Pygmy owl that  started as an illustration and then I made it come to life by carving it directly onto silver. Encased under the owl, an ethically sourced Peruvian Azurite-Malachite stone with green/blue tones, a giraffe turquoise to the left and a tiny Peruvian opal-chrysocolla to the right. All hang from a ring adorned with a handmade little flower and leaf. 

The entire body of the pendants are made out of 950 silver that has been oxidized to make all the details pop, buffed for a soft glow and made with lots of love, heart and attention to detail.

The main pendant from the top measures approximately 1 1/2" long.

The necklace features a sterling silver chain finished with a toggle clasp clousure and each side of the chain is 11 1/2" long.



Wise Owl Necklace

$320.00 Regular Price
$288.00Sale Price
  • All designs are hand-crafted, slow-made in small batches. Because of this, no two pieces are alike and as all handmade items some may have natural imperfections.

    This slight imperfections are marks that will remid you that each piece was made by real hands, remember that as I hand-carve, engrave and forge each leaf, flower and creature I give character to each design and I like to think perhaps a little bit of soul.


    Thank you!

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